Event and Wedding DJ

wedding-dj-nj-MontgomeryAre you planning a special occasion for someone close? Have you been searching for the right entertainment but can’t settle on the right DJ? JB Pro Live is your answer! Our four youthful, energetic professionals are here to guide you to your destination – Euphoria City. That’s right. Your special night or event, whether it is a sweet sixteen or a high school reunion, deserves quality entertainment at a reasonable price. Jan, Ken, Ryan and Yanni are raising the bar for live DJ entertainment with their savvy concoction of heart-pounding dance mixes and showmanship.

Welcome to JB Pro Live, New Jersey’s most in-demand wedding DJ service. Energy, emotion, and music are the ingredients to our soul-shaking recipe for creating outstanding, memorable live events. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering of associates that requires taste and elegance, or a New Year’s Eve bash to make Kanye West look like an introvert, our 20-plus years of entertainment expertise and passion are at your disposal. Every aspect of your special night will be carefully considered to establish the right selection of songs from beginning to end, and you will have special memories to last you a lifetime. We offer DJs for the following:

  • Weddings
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Birthdays and Sweet 16 Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • And More

JB Pro Philosophy

No one can resist the infectious energy of a heart-pounding rhythm! We all have a favorite song that reminds us of good times! A wedding, a high school dance, or a sweet sixteen can be an event that changes your life and stays with you forever. At JB Pro Live, we love new challenges, meeting new people, and moving a crowd! We are not satisfied unless everyone is dancing. For the members of our team, music is more than entertainment. It is the soundtrack to our most cherished memories. Living life with passion and enthusiasm, sharing great times, with friends and family, bringing people together to create lasting memories, are the core ideals that inspire us, whether you need a wedding DJ, a DJ for corporate events, or a birthday DJ in New Jersey.

The life of a DJ is a calling that we have pursued and perfected over many years. Through changes in trends and styles, JB Pro Live remains committed to providing our clients with the highest quality in MC entertainment, backed by integrity. Our sincere desire is that your event will be impossible to forget, and we are honored to play a role in your special occasion.

Planning and executing a wedding reception, a Bat Mitzvah, or a sweet sixteen can be a stressful job. Logistics, scheduling, budgets, seating arrangements, decorations, and location all need to be taken into consideration and managed carefully. The most important aspect, however, is the atmosphere. How do you create the appropriate mood and tone for the occasion? What environment will convey the right message for your celebration?

Our goal at JB Pro Live is to select songs that will keep the atmosphere and mood of your event upbeat, fun and flowing smoothly from beginning to end.  We curate the best in popular music and stay informed of new trends to provide clients with variety and novelty for their special event. By integrating sophisticated lighting props and energetic music from a diverse catalog, we can turn an uninspiring event space into an electrifying arena of swirling sound and color.

From our team to you, we hope you find the information on our website informative and helpful in your decision-making as you plan for a fantastic party celebration. Contact us now and let’s start planning your special event today!  We are always happy to answer any inquiries!

The JB Pro Live Experience

bat-mitzvah-dj-new-jersey-PrincetonLeave the glass slippers at home ladies, because you will be dancing long after the stroke of midnight! We don’t just create an atmosphere, but a vibrant, sensory landscape that will draw your guests onto the dance floor. They will not be able to help themselves as we drop pulsing track after track, weaving our hypnotic spell of frantic breaks and beats, pumping joyful melodies and rhapsodies you love most non-stop through our crystal clear nightclub speakers.

From rare grooves to retro cuts to top 40 hits, we keep the rpm’s going round the clock as the turntables spin out seamless mixes tailor-made for your event. Each member of our live DJ service is a seasoned MC who will steadily guide your event through its itinerary, keeping pace with the shifting moods of the crowd with tasteful humor, energy, and enthusiasm. The professionalism of our wedding DJs is always evident, and our respect for your guests is reflected by the courtesy we show towards them throughout the night.

At JB Pro Live, we believe repetition is dull. We don’t have a party template, and we don’t run the same playlist twice. Each event is unique. That means your event will be a customized, unique experience based on your needs and objectives. We will facilitate your goals by choosing songs that reflect your desired theme and ensure that visual/lighting effects are appropriate for the mood you want to establish. Need a Sweet 16 DJ in New Jersey, or a DJ for corporate events? We are happy to take your direction, to consult with you on every aspect of entertainment, and attentive to any of your concerns. With over 20 years of DJ and mc experience, we are able to provide you with insights and suggestions that will save you time and money, without compromising on the quality of entertainment.

You won’t have to worry about audio or lighting equipment rentals because we provide it all as part of our service. As the host, you will be free to engage with your guests. The smiles and silly moments you and your friends will share are memories you can treasure forever, and you will have a wonderful soundtrack to go along with it. Every time you hear a song, it will jog your memory, and you will be glad you chose JB Pro Live as your DJ. Call us now and let’s get started hiring your Bar Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey, or your Bat Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey!

Live Band vs. DJ Service

There is no question that New Jersey venues host some of the nation’s best live musical talent. Live musicians and DJ entertainment often work together for a wide range of events. The combination is exciting when both complement each other in style and substance. Some will argue for one or the other, but it is a matter of preference and budget. If you are considering whether a live band or a DJ would be best for your event, here are some things you might want to consider.

Live Bands

Experienced live bands can be electrifying and fun to watch. A seasoned frontman with talented musicians can really get a crowd rocking and rolling. Choosing the right band for your wedding will depend on your budget as well as the venue. While many bands provide video footage of their live performance.

You may have noticed that concert venues are often designed like an amphitheater. They are acoustically treated to provide the most pleasurable sound experience. Some event venues are not treated for live music, which can pose challenges for the sound engineer. Wood flooring, brick walls, low ceilings, and lots of windows, are elements that can alter the sound of live instruments drastically. The size and shape of a room can also affect the live sound. You want to make sure that the four-piece rock band you hired won’t overpower the room with vocal reverb and guitar effects. A typical band has at least four members. They each have the equipment and require space to perform so you’ll need to make sure your event space can comfortably accommodate them, and that they are located near a power supply.

In contrast to a DJ for corporate events, or a birthday DJ in New Jersey, with a typical four-member band you will be paying a price that reflects their size. Members of the American Federation of Music (AFM) are unionized, which means their rates are determined by the AFM (union members are not allowed to play non-union sanctioned events or venues). Their fee is meant to cover the costs of rehearsals, equipment rentals, transportation to and from the event, and sometimes meals. The bigger the band, the more you’ll have to pay. So if you are determined to bring in a ska band with a full horn section, this will mean additional cost.

Popularity and demand are also a factor with a band. The more sought-after bands tend to charge more than local independent acts with little or no reputation. Their availability may also be limited depending on the season. Summer is usually a busy time for bands that are busy on the festival circuit.

Every band requires a sound engineer. The engineer is the person who makes sure that the microphones, amplifiers, instruments, and speakers are integrated and sound good together as a whole.  They manage sound levels and refine the audio signal so that the overall sound levels are appropriate for space and its size. This process takes place during the sound-check, an hour or two before the live performance. Make sure you find out whether or not the band has a professional sound engineer or if they do it themselves. They may have sounded great at the bar you heard them in because the engineer for the bar was there to tweak the sound. They could sound drastically different if they are setting up and engineering the sound themselves. If they are bringing a sound engineer, that will be included in their fee and adds to your cost.

Strategic Benefits of Hiring a Live DJ Service

There are, however, a few considerations you should be aware of when comparing a band to a DJ:

Fewer people to pay: If you are concerned about your budget but do not want to sacrifice the quality of the entertainment, 1 DJ and 1 MC can do the job of a four-piece band for less.

Less Equipment: DJ rigs rely on integrating Wi-Fi technology and the internet. This means we can travel with our vast catalog anywhere in the world without additional baggage or crew. Lighting and turntables are compact, lightweight, can be disassembled, and are designed to be portable. This means you avoid having to cover the costs of additional equipment and transportation.

Fewer space requirements: A band needs either a stage or a sizeable space to fit all their members and instruments. You’ll have more room for dancing with a DJ, and MC neatly tucked in an unassuming corner of the event space. We won’t be as much of a distraction from the main event either.

Broader music selection: Any song you want to be played at your wedding, bar mitzvah, or birthday party can be included and played from our digital set list. We don’t need to rehearse the song. You won’t be hearing a cover of your favorite song, but the actual song you love. We can adapt our playlist in real-time, fulfilling song requests within minutes to satisfy your guests again and again.

Fewer risks of technical problems: Buzzing amps, guitars that overpower the vocals, dead monitors, and loose jacks are all risks when dealing with a band. A sound check and skilled engineer are crucial to ensuring a flawless performance, uninterrupted by embarrassing technical glitches. Our minimal set-up means less risk of errors stalling your itinerary.

Flexibility: You can’t ask the bassist and the backup vocalists to sit out the show for your wedding to save you some money, can you? But you can choose the DJ package on our website that’s right for you. Choose the lighting and audio elements you want, and we can accommodate to suit your requirements. Most bands don’t include lightscaping options with their service.

We hope we have provided you with some insights that will help make your decision easier. Most importantly, choose the entertainment that will please your very special guest of honor.

A Brief History of the DJ

sweet-16-dj-new-jersey-SomervilleHow does someone become a wedding DJ? Do you need special skills to become a Sweet 16 DJ in New Jersey, or a DJ for corporate events?

You are probably vaguely familiar with some of the terms and expressions used in the business: scratching, beat juggling, sound clashes, mash-ups, breaks, and samplers. The art of the DJ has evolved a wide range of sophisticated techniques over several decades, along with its own colorful terminology to describe them. New genres of music have been invented by DJs who became prolific producers. Their tastes in music defined successive eras of pop culture by influencing the young and old alike. Obscure acts and artists who might never have received any exposure were catapulted to global fame and recognition by enthusiastic DJs who filtered their idiosyncratic sounds to the masses. From James Brown to Miles Davis, The Police to Coldplay, bands, and musicians of every genre have DJs to thank for their acclaim. Always on the cutting edge of musical innovations, DJs are constantly deepening their knowledge of pop culture, while embracing new forms of technology to explore new sonic possibilities.

Promoters and event planners rely on partnerships with successful local DJs to attract patrons. Fundraisers and community events will prominently display the featured DJ for the event to attract a larger audience. Some DJs, like Daft Punk and Moby, are celebrities, producing original music and spinning well-known songs to satisfy hungry crowds of avid party-goers.  Part art and part science, the rise of the DJ in our society didn’t happen overnight.

Bar and venue owners have been hiring DJ services as far back as the 1950’s. If you didn’t have a juke box, a DJ was a great alternative. Of course, home phonographs were being used on a mass level as early as the 19th century, but the first DJ mixer wasn’t invented until the 1960’s. An enterprising audio engineer and acoustics designer named Rudy Bozak from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, introduced ideas that radically improved the quality of loudspeakers that produced a commercial grade sound and gave recordings an extra boost.

Prior to that, popular local radio jockeys would often be hired for a residency at a local club. They would play the latest hits for hipster patrons and attract huge after-hour crowds because of their popular radio programs. Often they played after sets by live musical artists. Jazz and rock ‘n’ roll were the rebellious sounds that revolutionized the sixties, and youth audiences were developing an insatiable appetite for the untamed antics of such acts as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, Cream and countless others who have since faded into oblivion.

The 70’s DJ Scene

During the 70’s, further developments in audio technology and music equipment eventually made it possible for radio jockeys turned DJs to produce their own unique music by “mixing” and cutting songs together. Using two turntables, a DJ could alternate from an instrumental ‘12” LP to a blazing Marvin Gaye track without skipping a beat. Punk rock was making its debut in seedy, working class bars across America. Rare album cuts and B-sides of funk masters were also making their way onto dance floors across the country, while Disco launched the careers of acts like ABBA and The Gibb brothers into the stratosphere. They were not radio jockeys moonlighting as party DJs at night, but full-time DJs providing a service to niche audiences who wanted to hear their favorite kind of music exclusively. There was a new breed of professional DJs catering to a wide range of pop music styles.

The Eighties Club Scene

By the time the 80’s arrived, further advancements in technology made it possible for DJs to evolve into sophisticated producers. Midi boards, beat boxes, and samplers were added to the traditional turntable set-up. Innovative thinkers began experimenting with creating new sounds that later became known as house, electronic and dub. Dance clubs were fitted out with the latest in audio tech, adding sophisticated strobe lighting considered underground styles of music at the time, no one imagined that these new, experimental styles would become radical and lively genres of their own some day with millions of fans around the globe. A new generation of DJs began turning old classics into revitalized modern masterpieces with catchy hooks and simple rhymes. The 80s and early 90s are often referred to as the “golden age of hip-hop.”

The New Millennium

Compact, more powerful technology, the Internet, and wireless technology have had an explosive impact on DJ culture for the twenty-first century. Now you can get Bat Mitzvah DJs in New Jersey, and Bar Mitzvah DJs in New Jersey who can adopt a more sophisticated approach to entertainment and began conceiving of themselves as full-fledged entertainers. Branding, costumes, flashy pseudonyms, laptops and creative production skills combined to create a new kind of celebrity DJ. These DJs are capable of drawing crowds almost as large as some of the biggest names in the music industry. Moby, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Fatboy Slim, Jazzy Jeff, and a growing host of ambitious live entertainment DJs are household names in our culture. Now we have available birthday DJs in New Jersey, wedding DJs, and more available.

DJ Culture and Technology

Since the invention of the gramophone by German inventor Emile Berliner near the end of the 19th century, audio technology has made staggering leaps and bounds.  DJs and their needs have been a key driving force behind an industry that is always eager to integrate technology and music. Companies like Pioneer and Technic frequently consult with leading DJs to improve their commercial brand of turntables, software, headphones, speakers and other audio equipment.

Just as wax and vinyl records have given way to digital mp3 files and streaming, music producers are trading musical instruments for digital samples and software that can manipulate audio signals to produce unique effects. DJs around the world have adapted to the changing times by embracing DJ computerized systems, operated by a laptop with remote capabilities.  Now you will see state of the art turntables alongside laptops with mixing software that allows an MC or a DJ to multi-task and stay creative.

As affordability and new DJ software make their way to consumers, DJ entertainment has evolved rapidly and will no doubt continue embracing new technologies in exciting ways to transform the party scene for decades to come. The members of our team all share a passion for the DJ culture that began in early youth and continues with unabated enthusiasm. Our mutual love of music, our sensitivity to the most subtle moods of the crowd, and our limitless capacity for engaging everyone with our infectious energy makes JB Pro Live your only choice for creating a fun experience that will have guests buzzing with excitement days after the last dance! Call or email us now to start planning your next event. Whether you need a Bar Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey, or a Bat Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey, we have got you covered.

DJ Entertainment Packages

Our Standard Package includes:

1 DJ and 1 MC

State of the Art Powered Speakers

1 Facade

Basic LED Lights GoBo/ Monogram Projection (Highlights the bride/ groom or anyone else anywhere in the room)

Load-in, set-up, and tear-down of all lighting/ sound equipment

Our standard package is ideal for receptions of 50-150 people. We can review the space to determine the appropriateness and adjust the necessary equipment for the location. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs!

Our Night Club Package includes:

1 DJ and 1 MC

State of the Art Powered Speakers

1 Façade

Basic LED Lights

GoBo/ Monogram Projection (Highlights the bride /groom or anyone else anywhere in the room)

Load-in, set-up, and tear-down of all lighting/ sound equipment

Upgraded sound and lighting options make the nightclub package ideal for larger wedding receptions. Your guests will feel like celebrities at an up-scale Oscar party with our birthday DJ in New Jersey, sweet 16 DJ in New Jersey, wedding DJ, or any other DJ you need! Contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs today.


Part of making your special event memorable is unique, vibrant lighting. To enhance your environment, we provide lighting equipment that will make your event fun for your guests.

Wireless up lighting: customize room to a color

Intelligent lights and trussing

LED moving heads to enhance spotlight dance

GoBo/ Monogram Projection: highlight bride and groom or guest of honor throughout the room

Add-on Packages to Wedding DJs, DJs for Corporate Events, and More

If you want to make your special occasion even more engaging for your guests, we offer a selection of add-on packages that are a proven means of creating fun, memorable moments.

Photo Booth

Take intimate, silly, endearing photos with friends and family in a classic photo booth for your event space. Get instant photos you can cherish and share on the spot. You’ll also have:

4-hour Rental

1 attendant

Unlimited photos

Flash drive and photo album (available with all images captured during rental)

TV Package

We can provide your event with 2 Large LED TV’s used to display live photos, a photo montage or Instagram feeds.

Photo Montage

Let us produce a photo montage of your event so you can take a trip back in time and relive special moments with your guests whenever you wish.

Dancing on the Clouds

A light, low-lying fog can be used to create a magical atmosphere and enhance your first dance of the night. We’ll produce just the right effect so that it looks as good on camera as it does in your memory.

Slow Motion Video Booth

Keep the party going online and offline! We’ll record your guests at 240 frames per second and instantly upload to social media and email! Contact us today for more details!

Co2 LED Cannon

Take your event to the next level with shots of Co2, as seen in popular night clubs around the world! Once it’s plugged into a power source, the Led Cannon can project 25-30 ft plumes of CO2. They can also be angled in any direction to create a stunning, colorful effect.

JB Pro Live: DJ Entertainment for Live Events and Special Occasions

dj-for-corporate-events-montgomeryOn any given day in the bustling city of New Jersey, there are at least a hundred live events taking place, all with varying degrees of popularity and significance. After more than twenty years, our team of live DJs and MCs have performed for a wide range of occasions, each one unique in its atmosphere. Traveling throughout the city and surrounding area, JB Pro Live has developed the experience and expertise to help make your event exciting for everyone attending. We ask the right questions to determine your needs and take special note of your specifications. Our attire is always professional, and we maintain a groomed appearance to reflect well on our clients as well as our service. We make sure to arrive early and leave promptly, observing the venue’s rules for load-in and sound checks.

We have learned from experience how to be efficient at what we do, saving you money and time. More importantly, our seamless integration of Wi-Fi, the internet, audio and lighting technologies streamlines our ability to coordinate and synchronize between various medium. We can navigate lighting to highlight the desired area, change the color of a room; stream a live feed of the event in slow motion, and display photo montages or other media presentations from multiple screens, all remotely. Minimal equipment reduces our set-up and tear-down time, meaning that, even when unexpected delays occur; we can reduce the impact and get your itinerary back on track in an expedient manner.

Contact JB Pro Live, New Jersey’s most in-demand DJ entertainment service. You are sure to enjoy the confidence of knowing that your entertainment for the evening will be of the highest standard. We have experience in a wide range of events. Want a NJ wedding DJ? Bar Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey? A DJ for corporate events? What are you planning next? Let’s get together today and make it one for the record books!

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction has driven our success repeatedly, and our reputation for integrity continues to grow. We keep the lines of communication open so that we are abreast of all your entertainment needs. Our job is to anticipate your needs, provide you with our expert advice and create solutions that support your goals. We show our clients the respect they deserve as patrons of our art and treat your honored guests with professionalism.

Wedding DJs in New Jersey

There probably isn’t a more joyous occasion when families and friends come together than a wedding. And while the bride is the star of the show, it is the reception that people tend to talk about years later. All the most memorable moments happen during the reception. It can either be a sublime experience or a magnificent train-wreck.  Besides seating arrangements, decorations, speeches, appetizers and drinks, there’s the entertainment which can make or break your reception.

Large scale and small scale weddings alike require professional wedding entertainment with class. You should not have to sacrifice quality entertainment to accommodate your budget. Why risk putting your special occasion into the hands of an amateur or a rookie when you can trust a team of experienced wedding DJs?

Fortunately for you, our portable team of seasoned wedding DJs and special event DJs are available for receptions anywhere in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We provide all the necessary audio and lighting equipment. This includes microphone, mic stand, P.A., powered speakers, and LED intelligent lighting rigs. Regardless of the venue size or the size of your vision, we can customize a solution that combines audio and visual elements with few hassles or technical problems. You can view the details of our packages to determine whether or not you need standard or night club service, or discuss alternatives that will better suit your needs.

Your Local Bar Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey, or Bat Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey

Mazel Tov! Congratulations! Your little one is crossing the threshold from child to adulthood. Your special boy or girl has no doubt been looking forward to this special occasion, and you do not want to disappoint. People of all ages will be in attendance, which can be a real challenge when you are trying to reconcile the gap in ages and still ensure it is a fun time for everyone present. Stop worrying because you are in good hands with our JB Pro Live Bar or Bat Mitzvah DJ in New Jersey.

Balancing taste with trendy, we choose a selection of songs that will appeal to all ages without missing a beat. We keep the mood light, fun, and upbeat without losing sight of the spiritual significance of the event. Call today to start planning your next bat or Bat or Bar Mitzvah in New Jersey!

Sweet Sixteen DJs in New Jersey

She’s probably been hounding you for the last year about her sweet sixteen bashes, right? You’ve been getting her hints at breakfast, her text reminders, the nudges at the mall, and she’s looking to you to make her sixteenth birthday her best birthday ever. After all, you only turn sixteen once!

JB Pro Live has performed enough sweet sixteen parties to understand that disappointment is just not an option. This is why we take it seriously with no apologies. Our sweet sixteen DJs in New Jersey make sure to get a list of special song requests and keep your desired theme going strong from one song to the next. Timeless classics along with the hottest new tracks and underground hits are all available in our extensive catalog of music. If we do not have it when you call us, we will get it and have it ready.

Birthday DJ in New Jersey 

A birthday is special at any age! People of every age appreciate being honored and we understand that you want your special someone to have a great time with minimal hassles. We will make your next significant milestone in age an unforgettable bash. Tell us your music preferences and we can create a custom playlist that includes your favorite songs. Coordinate with the MC to keep your itinerary on schedule and consider our photo montage service as a keepsake you can give the birthday boy or girl. A birthday DJ in New Jersey can add an LED spotlight for the moment they blow out the candles, and you’ll have a fantastic celebration. Those who can’t make it can view a live feed streamed on Instagram. The possibilities are endless. Tell us your ideas for your next birthday party and we will make them a reality. We are available in throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas.

DJ For Corporate Events and High School Reunions

We all have deeply personal memories of our high school days. Time passes and friends move, neighborhoods change, along with our perspective on the past.

Reunion parties do not have to be awkward and cliché. They can be elegant or simple, but the music we play won’t be boring. You and your guests will trip out as the DJ takes you down memory lane with a carefully curated selection of period songs you’ll remember –the classics of your youth, or the hits of last year! We’ll discuss with you all the pertinent details of the venue and its rules to ensure compliance on all levels. Have a visual presentation you want to present? We can provide large screen TVs. Our slow motion video both can capture the event in real-time and upload to your school’s social media platform. How cool is that? Contact us now to find out how we can make your high school reunion or dance the talk of the town!

DJ Entertainment for University/ College Events

wedding-dj-services-njTrying to raise the roof at your next frat party? Want to make the other campus associations jealous with a Kanye-style, over-the-top dance-off? Exuberance and excitement, energy and laughs are all part of the JB Pro Live experience when we mc the festivities at your next university or college party. We will put together an eclectic, pulsing, steady stream of songs to fuel the night to ecstatic heights of revelry, without losing a single passenger on our epic flight through sonic space. Portable lightspace rigging and Wi-Fi technology can be adapted to suit your space and provide the fun vibes you’re looking for. Get in touch with us by phone or email today and let’s start planning stellar entertainment for your next campus event!




DJ Entertainment for Fundraiser Events (Indoor/ Outdoor)

When you are planning a fundraising event, mood and atmosphere are critical to success. Along with the appropriate venue, you need to provide tasteful entertainment that can keep people engaged without overpowering them. It takes an experienced MC and DJ team like JB Pro Live to read a crowd and select the right song to suit the mood, or change the mood in a new direction when something unexpected happens. We have entertained for many kinds of occasions, and we understand the subtleties involved in providing entertainment that’s fun, relevant and endearing. Our first priority is to understand your objectives and provide a solution that supports your efforts. Whether you are appealing to a mature crowd of research professionals or seeking to raise awareness for an important environmental cause, we take time to consult carefully with you on the appropriate mood to inform our choice of songs for the occasion. Find out why JB Pro is New Jersey’s best choice when you need a DJ for corporate events and more. Call or email us for availability and bookings.

Wherever you are located in New Jersey or the surrounding area, JB Pro Live are wedding DJs you can count on for an unforgettable experience. Combining over 20 years of MC and live DJ experience, our team of professionals are passionate about music, and we’ll make your guest of honor our top priority with songs that keep him or her smiling from ear to ear the whole night. All-ages events or exclusive gatherings for a mature crowd receive the same level of white-glove service. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Every detail of the entertainment will be firmly under our control from the first dance to the last bottle of champagne is served. We keep our interactions with staff and guests professional and stay focused on moving your itinerary forward smoothly to its grand conclusion. Friends, relatives, patrons, and most importantly, your guest of honor, will thank you for making the right choice and trusting us with your entertainment needs. We serve the following areas:

  • Princeton, NJ
  • Somerville, NJ
  • Bridgewater, NJ
  • Hillsborough Township, NJ
  • Montgomery NJ
  • Asbury Park, NJ

JB Pro Live is a team of experienced birthday DJs in New Jersey, wedding DJs, DJs for corporate events, and entertainers committed to making your event one of the best nights of your life. We have professional DJs and high-tech equipment for the best sounds and entertainment. Bring your dreams to life with some of the best event equipment that turns your event into a fun, engaging and beautiful event. Call us today to learn more.